Nia Renée Hill Doesn’t Need Saving From A “Racist Marriage”

Celebrity news usually bores me. Sure, I admire some people who have earned fame with grace, but I tend to keep away from most of the “hot news” and “gossip” columns. So when “woke” mobs started attacking Bill Burr’s marriage to Nia Renee Hill I couldn’t understand why I got so mad.

Anger was my first heavy reaction.


I don’t know these people or the group attacking them and they obviously need no saving. They’re both tough enough to ride this ridiculous media wave.

But when, “it’s not only racist to NOT date or marry someone of another race, it IS racist to date or marry someone from another race” the hypocrisy is just unbearable. I’m half Irish, over a quarter Austrian, 1/16th Shoshone, 1/16th French, and the rest is whatever. My husband is mostly Jewish. We’re both Pagan weirdos (I’m more Celtic, he’s into Jewish mysticism). But to us, we’re a family. We are just a mom and dad with our messed up version of the Brady Bunch, thanks to my 2 kids from a previous marriage, his kids from before we met, and our 2 kids together.

Families come in different shapes and sizes. I’ve written about this so much it’s become my own personal cliche. It’s annoying to even have to discuss it at this point.

I was raised in a diverse area with immigrants fresh off the boat from China, Bosnia, India and all over. I dated a Somalian refugee when I was a teenager. So when “woke” mobs pretend to be anti-racist but start trying to twist interracial marriage into something sinister just because they don’t like what someone has to say, the gloves come off.

I don’t give a flying parc tab (bat crap backwards-my grandpa’s favorite curse word) if you’re black, white, Puerto Rican, or Asian; as long as you’re not an asshole, we’re cool. The “woke” mobs trying to compare interracial marriage to “sex servitude” are showing just how backwards, racist, and segregation hungry they are.

It pissed me off so much, I let the sarcasm fly for Evie magazine and they accepted it. Sometimes we just have to go there to support what’s most important: Love.

Attacking couples has nothing to do with antiracism. It is racism at it’s most modern. That is what I had to address in this article and I hope that someone gets a laugh or a smirk off of it. “The term “racism” has been tossed around like ingredients in a salad.” It’s time to knock that shit off and mind our own business unless we actually know what’s really going on.

One thought on “Nia Renée Hill Doesn’t Need Saving From A “Racist Marriage”

  1. johncoyote says:

    It is 2021. People are still foolish. Love is love. We cannot control the emotion and who we love. I remember when I was in the Army in 1976. A black male soldier marry a white female soldiers. Some people make a big deal out of it. I told them. This is none of your business. They are happy and this is what matters. Today in Detroit. Mix marriages are common for many years. Old Grandpa saying. Nothing good to say. Say nothing. Hello from Michigan.

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