Headstones by Jess M Baumgartner

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At face value, “Headstones” is a unique view of life after death. As in life, certain rules still apply. Danger still exists.

This short story also reveals lessons to be learned. Death is not the end. As with Chris, the pain he suffered while alive does not need to be continued in death. Time does heal all wounds, but not until the person is ready to be healed. He is surrounded by those wanting to love him, but after experiencing a life of neglect, he does not know how to accept it.

This story also reveals the purity of childhood. The eyes of a child are capable of seeing love and joy in everyone. Choices aren’t hindered or swayed by a common consensus. His honesty and naturally loving nature are like a magnet drawing others into his halo of happiness.

Burdens of life experienced by adults can remain with the…

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