Perfect Pines

It’s not always to get back into the swing of daily life but this January is trying hard to kick me to it. I skipped my usual December hiatus to try and get ahead and prepare for the little monster that will become my 3rd mini-me. Taking time off is always difficult anyway because I never run out of ideas. They want to escape on paper. Badly.


Habits are hard to break though and I half feared I had pushed myself a bit too much. Thankfully my instincts win again. In addition to getting my favorite of my own short stories published last week, my most recent children’s piece is being featured in this month’s issue of, “Guardian Angel Kids Magazine!”


The best thing about these two new credits is that they both offer free options while still compensating me for all the time and energy I spent. So if you have any kiddos, have them check out my non-fiction piece on pine trees.

pine trees.gif

I will never stop writing for children. My kids enjoy my stories way too much. Truth or fiction, helping expand young minds has more rewards than any other form of word art.  (That and I’m a giant child heehee)

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