4 Leaf Clover Luck Spell


It’s almost September and the leaves are already falling!

The new issue of Witch Way Magazine is out and ready for your reading fundoozle, but it’s not just another Mabon issue. I’ve offered up my 4 Leaf Clover Luck Spell for readers to enjoy. No eye of newt necessary. haha

A lot of people think of clover and gardens as springtime images, but they are nearly year round joys depending on your area. In Missouri we get a full 4 seasons of weather. I love it. Hot and sticky in the summer, cool and colorful in the fall, snowy winters, and breezy springs. And clover grows in abundance.

The rabbits just love it, and it spreads fast and stays green through 3 seasons. During winter we usually get at least 1 50 degree warm up every week or so, because the north winds and the south breezes are constantly fighting each other. Because of this we get some greenery that pops up between storms.

I love it. Clover is a hearty sign of life. And every time I’ve found a 4-leaf clover I wasn’t looking for one haha They always find me. I’ll just glance at the ground and my eye goes right to it.

The last time this happened I found 2. Some times I find more.

It’s always a pleasant surprise that can lead to great things. Check out the issue if you want to learn more.

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