Did America Really “Win” WWII?

American history books don’t speak of World War II like my grandfather did. They also don’t offer the detailed accounts of how everything went to hell in Europe─at least they didn’t in my 1990s public school education.

What I was vaguely taught was that an evil man named Hitler got some other evil people to become Nazis and tried to kill off all the Jewish people. We watched Schindler’s List and were required to read “Night” by Elie Wiesel. Both made me sick to my stomach, and I could only finish the Hollywood rendering because of its heroic storyline.

Students everywhere are taught that the honorable Americans went to Germany to defeat the big bad Nazis and liberate the poor dying Jews. But that is not the full story. Not by far.

My grandfather was a WWII veteran who earned a purple heart after getting shot overseas. He trudged around the French countryside with little to eat and nowhere but his fox holes to relieve himself for days between battles. He was a hard man, but also a philosopher who taught me to never trust any governments that offer anything for free, and to always work hard for everything I believe in.

He said, “History books are never as accurate as what actually happened because they’re usually written by people who weren’t even there.” His version of the war was more realistic. He joined the army at seventeen, before he was drafted. A good farm boy, he felt it was his duty to serve his country.

My husband’s great-grandfather was stuck in a concentration camp at this time. He was tattooed and exploited. Humiliated and tortured.

Struggling to survive, this old man’s life did depend on the valor of brave young men like my grandfather. But we have done them both a disservice. Although both outlived the atrocities of WWII, our country took in more Nazi’s than we like to admit. And as tyranny gains popularity in the COVID era, I find myself questioning whether we actually won the war or if U.S. officials just shifted it for their own benefit.

The far-left loves screaming Nazi at anyone who disagrees with them. Hollywood elites align themselves with big government supporting officials with plans to turn this country into a democratic socialist nation. But where did these ideas come from? And why are they coming to a head now?

I fear it was by design. My grandfather said, “Bad people will always use your ignorance against you.” I didn’t quite understand the full scope of what he meant when he talked like this as we were debating integration and diversity. I just wrote him off as an old-fashioned grump with some racist tendencies leftover from his upbringing.

Like many public school children I bought into globalism, because the ideology is beautiful, no matter how unrealistic or manipulative it is in reality. But Globalism is a conqueror’s game and it was Hitler’s ideology. Like most power-hungry dictators he wanted to rule the world. He feared the Jewish people because they were smart and had met success across various nations by keeping a close-knit community intact despite a history of wandering.

Many believe he was defeated because─like a lot of fools─he tried to take over Russia, and as history has taught us, you don’t try to take over Russia. It’s vast, cold, and the people are numerous.

But the United States has a strange connection to Hitler’s rise to power. Then after we defeated him, we took in numerous Nazi scientists, and even gave amnesty to Nazi soldiers calling them victims. In addition, prominent American companies like Coca Cola, Metro-Goldwyn-Maher, and Ford Motor Companies all had close ties with the Nazi party.

The Nazis were notorious for performing medical experiments on their victims. It is one of the reasons that informed consent is now so important. If an individual wishes to become part of clinical trial, so long as they are informed of all the risks, that is their choice.

But in the COVID era I cannot help but draw comparisons. The Biden administration, state and local politicians, and corporations across the nation are requiring COVID vaccines for travel, social gatherings, work, and even grocery shopping in some areas, yet these vaccines are NOT all FDA approved, and the FDA has never once said that they are safe or effective. The CDC has spouted that unsupported theory and passed it on because they profit from vaccines and have stock in big pharma.

Now we’re seeing segregation make up come back in the form of separating the unvaccinated from the vaccinated. Again, my education left out the fact that Hitler didn’t just start going door-to-door to round up the Jews at first. It was a slow boil. They were first segregated, then shamed, humiliated, exploited, demoralized, and THEN rounded up once they had virtually nothing left.

With both New York and Los Angeles passing laws that ban people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 ( a virus with a 99.97% survival rate) from indoor public places, more comparisons must be drawn between the tyranny of the Nazis and modern day medical practices.

One of my younger co-workers was rushed to the hospital over the weekend. She has no pre-existing conditions, but she got her second vaccine shot and her heart nearly exploded. The first shot had made her arm go numb for 3 days and the injection site swelled up like a softball.

My own mother is suffering a potential side effect. She got the jab so she could visit one of our relatives in a nursing home back in April. It was required. A giant lump started growing from the side of her neck and now she has cancer.

We’re not sure if it’s vaccine related or not, we may never know. But my mom did call the CDC to report it and they admitted that she’s not the only one who had a mass grow after getting the jab. 

To add insult to injury former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger recently told Americans, “Screw your freedom,” when referring to medical rights and the freedom to breath unmasked. Dr. Fauci himself originally advised Americans to not wear masks because COVID-19 passes through droplets which easily penetrate masks.

My ex-husband is a good little boy and wore his mask religiously. It landed him in the hospital for 5 days because he got a bacterial mouth infection so bad he nearly had a stroke. But I’m sure that had NOTHING to do with breathing in recycled air that our body was not made to inhale on a regular basis.

My husband was required to wear a mask at work. Thankfully, he delivery drives on the weekends, so despite getting a lung infection we realized the cause of the issue and he recovered without a hospital stay.

So when an out-of-touch Hollywood millionaire tells me “Screw you freedom,” I have to wonder about the motive. Especially being that Schwarzenegger’s father was a literal Nazi himself. 

Gustav Schwarzenegger joined the Nazi party in 1938 and fought for them in WWII. Yes, a man saying “Screw your freedom,” is the son of a Nazi who fought against my grandfather during a horrid genocide. He wasn’t on the right side of history then and his son isn’t on the right side of history now.

Old Arnold had the audacity to compare the people who demanded that election fraud be investigated to the Nazi’s after January 6th, but then tells everyone to bow down to medical tyranny because he thinks safety is more important than freedom.

But don’t be fooled. This isn’t new. This kind of propaganda has been ongoing for decades. The divide and conquer tactics used to separate the “haves” from the “have nots” seemed impossible for Americans during the 1940s, but it became more and more real as the gold standard was abandoned in the 1970s and big banking took over, then we had climate scares, AIDS, SARS, and 9-11 related terrorist hunts which somehow led to racially charged education programs that brought us closer to the tipping point before the pandemic.

Most recently, in 2017 Harvard University reintroduced segregated graduations. And this has caught on. In 2019 more than 75 Colleges hosted black-only celebrations. Everything is being sold as black vs white, or rather end “whiteness” and worship minorities or admit you’re a racist.

I don’t buy into any of it. None of us should.

I don’t care if you’re white, black, Puerto Rican, Asian, a lizard person… whatever, who you are to me is always based on your behavior. Period.

Everything we’re been told for the past 20 years has put our country and our freedom in peril. We must be brave and prepare for what’s to come. Stocking up on supplies isn’t enough. We need to reach out to our neighbors and take control of the next generation’s education.

Clearly our “leaders” are not going to help us. Our President abandoned thousands of Americans in Afghanistan and a people that our country has exploited for decades with no strategy or cooth. It is up to us. No one else.

Instead of referencing the “Diary of Anne Frank,” or “Night,” as public schools do, I have been sharing books like, “Escaping Hell In Treblinka,” “Escape from Sobibor,” and “All But My Life.” These novels are first-hand accounts that don’t pander to the American good guy image.

In Treblinka and Sobibor the Jews fought back and escaped these concentration camps. And these books details exactly how they did it.

Gerda Weissman Klein’s account is also valuable because in, “All But My Life,” she explicitly detailed how her rights─and those of the Jewish people in her village─were slowly eroded away; how she watched neighbors turn against her because of propaganda and elitist policies that rewarded individuals and families who played along with Hitler and his Nazis.

It resembles more closely the American politics of today than I ever imagined possible. I am so glad my grandfather didn’t live to see this. I am also indebted to him for not only his service to his country, but the lessons he taught me in being diligent and never backing down.

I fear that we never truly “won” WWII and that those who wish to destroy freedom and ensnare the world in globalist tyranny walked into America and took advantage of our kindness. Our society uses the Nazis and terrorists too often as examples, but for a reason. We inherited their scars by taking them in and we are tearing fresh wounds by following their example. 

2 thoughts on “Did America Really “Win” WWII?

  1. Dawn Pisturino says:

    On the positive side, more and more people are seeing the tyranny that is being perpetrated on all of us. After all, that IS why we fought the American Revolution. We can NEVER tolerate tyranny from either our corporate leaders or political leaders.

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