The Harsh Reality Of Waiting To Have Kids

Too many women are realizing that they wasted their 20s. It’s sad to see and I was partially part of that as I was at the front of that cultural shift. Now I’m witnessing friends and family members who struggle with fertility issues, depression, anxiety, and so many other problems that could have been lessened — if not avoided — had they not been pushed to ignore their biological needs.

Everyone is different, but there are standards among us for a reason. The values of my grandparents’ generation are proving to be more valuable than anything modernity and even my own mother’s generation could offer.

But there’s a reason for that. Biology, instinct, and the need for purpose in life all play a role in starting a family.

The more we encourage 20 somethings to treat their youth as a disposable playground the more consequences we find later in life.

Read on if you want some data and personal accounts.

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