Kind Words

Authors survive off of reviews. What our readers and critics say matters more than sales, credits, and interviews. Gaining praise or rejection based on the perception of those who took the time to immerse themselves in the art of words offers the insight a writer needs to improve and keep honing their craft.


I’ve been lucky enough to never receive a 1 star review of anything I’ve written. I’m sure there is someone out there who will HATE my work for one reason or another. Until that day I am stunned and unable to fully comprehend the love and support that complete strangers lend to my words.


Rave reviews are the true literary awards. Each time I read a review for one of my works I am humbled and encouraged.

My children’s books continue to find love, but my favorite short story of my own was released just last Friday and I half feared that it would not be as accepted.


The other half of me remembered how much time and energy I pushed into, Headstones. It gave me the ability to wait.


In less than a week, this story has received 5 great reviews. One man summed it up in a single word on twitter: Wow! (I made sure it was an awesome wow and not an “oh no” wow haha)

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Every writer dreams of a universally accepted story that reaches as many readers as possible. Your kind words mean everything.

A special thanks to the first reviewers is in order for their prompt replies. So thank you to:

-Keep Calm and Novel on: Headstones is well-written with many emotional twists and turns. This original and touching character-driven read does not disappoint.

– Linda Diane Wattley :”Headstones” is an amazing read! Jessica Marie Baumgartner has a writing style that turns headstones into diamonds.

-P.S. Winn: The story has a great feel to it and the author does a great job bringing the characters to life.


I also want to thank Sandra Vattimo and Kelly for their kind words. When I first started out I didn’t know what I was doing and had to rely on distant friends and family for reviews. Amazon frowns on that and has taken measures to remove what they consider “biased reviews.” They obviously don’t know my family because my harshest criticisms and 3 star ratings have only come from people who know me. haha

Regardless I am glad to have grown enough as an author that I can reach out to impartial reviewers and continue to find that my stories don’t suck. My readers are the best readers!




3 thoughts on “Kind Words

  1. Karina Pinella says:

    Regardless of reviews, the fact that you had the drive and stamina to even put a book out there is amazing enough. It is a lot of work nowadays to be a writer. You are also a publicist and sometimes the publisher. Saying one is a writer is not enough anymore. How about writer and book seller?

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