What to Accomplish in 2018?

It’s not too late for one of these blogs, is it?


For weeks I’ve seen many posts from other writers listing out their 2018 goals and here I am just writing instead. I love making lists. What is wrong with me?

I’ve been so focused on trying to finish as many writing projects as possible before I pop, that I’ve had little time to focus on specific goals. But today, I refuse to procrastinate any longer.


(Here’s the part where I sneak in my 2017 recap because I’m either lazy, multitasking, or just eager to get back to the actual work)

Last year was a big year for many of us. It had its downfalls, but publishing boomed. People love their freedom of speech and their freedom to condemn and criticize other’s speech. I personally enjoy focusing on more positive aspects of word art, and earned many great reviews for doing so.

(Now Comes the list)

Last year my successes came in spurts but here they are:

1. I released my 2nd children’s book

2. 3 of my short stories found homes and the results were lucrative on my end (1 was featured by Chicken Soup for the Soul)

3. My work received nearly 50 5 star reviews (all piece combined)

4. I got to walk into a Barns & Noble and find something I wrote (Thanks to Simon & Schuster via Chicken Soup)

5. My 2nd book tour was a success! (Even with a few cancellations there were many connections, sales, and memories made)

6. I won a New Apple Award and was a U.S Book Award Finalist

7. My kids loved my new works (the ones appropriate for them to read)

8. I got married and am now expecting my 3rd (and last child)

9. I found homes for some of my favorite pieces to be published in 2018

10. People keep reading my work (This is the most important accomplishment of all!)


It’s not the most prolific list, but filled with enough firsts that I’m taking on this year with extra energy.

I would love to list out 1500 writing goals, give myself word count deadlines, and all that other junk that wastes more time building expectation that may never be met, but instead I’m focusing on the smaller victories. One at a time always helps you climb.

2018 writing hopes:

1. Fill more notebooks

2. Don’t let my tea go cold (probably too unrealistic)

3. Get some of my damn kiddie poetry published

4. Keep playing with new ideas

5. Try to finish at least 1 of my novels, preferably that big personal non-fiction I’ve been working on (any will do though)

6. Have a baby and forget that I’m a writer for the first few weeks of the kid’s life (No we’re not finding out the gender before it’s born, I like the extra surprise since I’m one of those crazy home birthing people)

7. Win more awards

8. Submit more work

9. Sell more stories (At LEAST 3)

10. Convince an agent that I don’t suck and I deserve to widen my audience



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