Why did I even begin?

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or who you are, we all hit the point in a project when we ask ourselves: Why did I even start this?


My tendency to work on multiple stories at a time makes this zone like a summer home. Or winter home in this case. I visit often, but never hope to stay.

The current manuscript I’m working on is a MAJORLY personal non-fiction novel about my experiences moving to LA to make it big as a singer. Don’t worry, not only did I NOT make it, but I’m glad I didn’t compromise myself because writing is wayyyy more fun. And instead of taking the bitter Hemmingway approach and turning my memories into angry fiction, mine is a comedic retelling of everything that went wrong and all the silliness when things did go right.


Reliving your memories through writing brings back things you didn’t even know you could remember (and some details you wish you could forget). But if you’re working on something and stuck in a hard spot, just remember:

  • It’s more fun to laugh at yourself
  • Taking a break is not against the law, if anything, it’s expected and important for your health
  • Pushing through can lead to a quicker finish (but don’t get sloppy)
  • Peppermint tea is magic
  • Tacos make everyone feel better
  • Music triggers our subconscious so we don’t have to think too hard about what we’re doing (use it, love it, appreciate it – I prefer instrumental to keep my words on the page sorted out)
  • A comfy work space makes all the difference
  • You cannot kill people for interrupting you, but you can set up a specific schedule and encourage others to respect it
  • Sometimes things are difficult and there’s no way around the discomfort of dealing with them. Have other outlets to help ease the pressure in your free time.
  • Work hard, but don’t be too rough on yourself

I feel better already and all I did was write a blog to ease the brain funk. haha


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