Cold Awakening (story)

Mixing genres seems to be one of my specialties. I’m like a story remix master. Okay maybe I’m not THAT cool, but I wish I were. haha


Playing with science fiction and horror is something I love to do. Horror has a close place in the center of my heart and I love the endless possibilities of science fiction. (Light sci-fi, hard sci-fi bores me. Sorry)


Playing with the attainable aspects of future technology while throwing in the kind of horrifying “what-ifs” that my imagination loves to toy with made this one fun to write and a terrible struggle to edit and publish. She has been through numerous rewrites and attempts to destroy her forever. BUT,  after a lot of teeth grinding I finally got her to the point where I am proud to share her with readers through the awesomeness that is Outposts of Beyond.


And like always, the ending is the sweet spot. I like to save the best for last.

Thanks for reading.

(Cuz ya know, my readers are the BEST readers!)

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