Just Because

We’ve going to do something new today because everyone’s always outraged about something now and I wanted to have fun with my own little piece of WTF.


If you don’t already know, I’m a Pagan, Bisexual, Libertarian, and I hate hate hate that I have to claim these fucking labels to appease a growing number of self-conscious individuals who assume they know people just by looking at them. To look at me you would not know that I have Native American heritage, or that I grew up in a diverse area and have always felt the loving welcome of the black community.

This is not politics to me, this is life.


I write fiction to help my imagination stop trying to take over reality and I write non-fiction solely to help people. If the shit in my life wasn’t able to give other insight into their own similar or differing situations I would keep it to myself, but that’s how I got into the professional writing gig. People came to me for advice and I gave it. They said I should write it down so I could help others, so I did and here I am.


My work is not the best, nor am I a household name. My bullshit is what it is. But I find writing about love, diversity, and acceptance is important. It feeds my ego a bit. Sometimes I have to take it down a notch, sometimes I need a pick-me-up. Writers are fickle beings.

Writing about religious acceptance and diversity is very close to my heart based on the current state of the world as well as my own experiences. My take on this whole damn thing is: Whatever you do or don’t believe in is what is best if it helps you to be a better person.


I find Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, Spiritualists-the list goes on, are generally cool here in the western world. St. Louis may have its faults, but we are diverse and we have a good crop of people who wish to protect EVERYONE’s freedoms.

What concerns me is the recent hatred against Atheists. It seems petty and useless to argue about the existence of a higher power. Whatever works for you is your path; no one can tell you what is best for you. I recently heard about the Youtube issue where they are now discouraging users from having a name with the word Atheist in it, as well as restricting or removing videos that merely use the fucking word Atheist.

uh huh

This country was based on the principal of religious freedom. IE: Freedom from religious persecution. Forced religion is persecution.

People have watched beheadings on Youtube but now youtubers risk being restricted or shut down for using the word Atheist or Atheism? The worst part is that I cannot find one credible news source that is reporting on this. I have to get on my blog and open the window because people either don’t care, or they don’t want to know.

That seems to go against everything I believe in. The only reason I know what’s going on is because I have heard from youtubers and seen discussion threads talking about this. And yet, nothing has been done.

What happens when they flag the word “white” or “Christian”? Will people care then?


The internet is a crazy place. There is an influx of information and a lot of it is discredited shortly after produced. It’s difficult to know what is real anymore.

I know that 20s are coming, but do we really have to dive back into surrealism? Like this?


Where is our integrity? When will it be enough?

The worst part is that the leftists who claim they are fighting for freedom are often the ones who wish to censor everything and everyone. As a writer, an author, a mother-hell, a fucking person with a mind of her own, I cannot fathom the logic behind that.

And the assholes on the right refuse to place any blame on the current administration although our president seems to be trying to fight religious extremism with religious extremism. Uh, fighting fire with fire only creates a bigger blaze, guys.


I don’t care if the whole world has lost its damn mind; most of us know how to act. If you believe in freedom-of-speech and freedom-of-religion you will encourage people to celebrate their difference and share our similarities. Pitting us against each other, boxing everyone into little categories does nothing but number us and our days.

And that’s my moment for the day.

Always caught in the middle-rarely taken seriously. Cuz, I’m just a writer, right?

8 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. shadowriverphoto says:

    so well said what a thoughtful piece. it saddens me that now a days it seems we have to label people and if the labe we assign doesnt fit with our labels then that person and their views and beliefs are wrong or worth less than our own. we have lost the ability to agree to disagree and still be friends are work together for the common good or even be civil. The hardest part of celebrating diversity is celebrating the beliefs of those who you disagree with. Thanks for sharing this way to go

      1. shadowriverphoto says:

        me too!! great minds think alike. My own philosophy that I try to live though I fail sometimes is to Care for the unfortunate, defend those who are weaker, protect what is good, and fight against evil. Thank you for taking a stand and speaking up. in the end love really does conquer all.

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