The Pirate Tree finds The Golden Rule

Each review offers insight, but there is something about receiving praise for a story meant to educate and unite people that reminds me of why I do this.

There has been a multitude of support and love from readers and writers all over. (It makes me get all melty cheesy haha)


When you sit down to write a story, it’s not often a choice. Writing for children, or even laying out simple concepts for adults in a fun way can be difficult, but I find it easier to just sit down and let my heart shine through the tip of my pen.

I always say: anyone can do what I do.

And I honestly believe that. But as with all art mediums, no one does it quite like anyone else. So if you are a writer, or an artist, or a doctor, or a waitress-no matter what, just do what you do with love.

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