1 Down, 1 to Go

I did it! I finished one of the two stories I had left to round out my short story collection! Everybody do a happy dance around the room with me. La la lala la

Okay now that we’ve gotten our blood pumping I’m stoked. It was a slow go. And I have to say I kind of hated writing this story. It put me through agony. One of my writer peops asked why I would keep writing it if it was such a pain.

The main reason being, I’m not a quitter. I don’t give up on anything easily. But the writer in me also feels that it is a good story that needs to be told. And no matter how difficult the process of getting a piece out may be, it is often worth it. (I just started a sentence with “and” after starting a sentence with “but”. hahaha Clearly my blogs are not about editing skills. I save those for the real work)

I’m not a writer who waits for a muse. I write as often as I need to and last night I decided I would wrap up this story. I told myself I had to and I did it. It wasn’t easy. (There was much rum and wine involved) But now I’m on the other side and ready to finish the last piece. The best piece. The one I love writing and hope really means something to readers.

I hope all my writing impacts readers, but this last story is probably the height of my writing so far. I’m more proud of it that any of the others, and I’m probably shooting myself in the foot because it’s not finished and I’m building it up way too much now. haha

I like to have more than one story to work on at a time, but usually I work on a short story while I’m also writing a novel or novella. Flipping between two short stories of the same genre but with very different meanings and feelings really kind of got to me. I’m not sure if I’ll do that again.

Progress means everything. I feel less guilty for being a writer. haha Because I know I talk about how it is real work and it is difficult, but I’ve also had shit jobs before and being able to do this, having fallen into this strange art form that many people dabble in, has been quite a trip. I’m recharged and grateful.

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