Those Damn Stats

You have to learn to love them

If you’re a serious author, stats and numbers are your worst enemy and your friend. Checking sales numbers, hits, post traffic, and acceptance ratios is just another part of the job. There are days where the numbers soar and you feel as if everything is coming together. And then, there are the others…


I take a simple approach

Stats are stats: averages and symbols recorded to compare. Sometimes outside factors effect them, but writers do have the ability to take the information and use it to their advantage.

I try not to be a car salesman

Readers don’t need book ads shoved down their throat, so when I post one on social media I make sure it has a fun message. I’ll post my erotic romance book on hump day, my children’s book when fun kids events are coming. Sometimes if sales are low I’ll tell a joke and use my book as a pun. These little things work. They reach people in a more positive way. Sure, I’d love to run around shouting, “Buy my books!” but I doubt that will do much.

And It’s not all about sales

Sometimes it’s difficult for writers to admit their weaknesses. Knowing your acceptance ratio and keeping up with the kinds of publications that appreciate your work is also helpful. I use


It’s been a great resource for me. I can search for publications that I wish to read and write for. My acceptance ratio has skyrocketed because I know my market better. And best of all, if I’m in need of an acceptance, I can filter through magazines with higher acceptance rates.

The more I write the more I know myself and my work

That’s mainly because I pay attention and do my best to be smart about getting where I need to be. There are always days where this industry seems crushing, but it passes. Breaks come. The stats will show that if you keep on.

My current acceptance rate is 31%

L.M. Montgomery spoke of writers being lucky to have 1 in 10 works published; the gratitude I have for my readers and publishers is beyond amounts that words can express.


But I’m not very different from other writers

I’m not the best. I know that. I just keep working my tail off. Persistence is a must. Never give up and you can get where you want!

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