Playing with Patreon

Did I just create a Patreon account?

Oh no, I think I did. I’m testing this out. Not expecting much. My whole philosophy on capitalizing on writing is that I wish I could give my stories away for free, but I have mouths to feed, just like everyone else.

The Idea

Offering a story in exchange for a $3 pledge keeps me in business. Some months royalties are great, but writing isn’t steady work.

My readers are the best readers, and I’ll keep writing regardless of how this goes. But I will be able to produce more work with a higher quality if I have more funding. Just how it goes.


Why Not?

I promise I won’t annoy everyone with, “please support my patreon account” posts all day every day. haha I mean there’s nothing wrong with putting it out there in case anyone does have something extra to give. I know way too many authors who seem to be begging for money all the time. That’s no fun.

I’d rather sell books

Honestly, if you wish to truly support me, read my published work. Review it. Spread the word. I’m all about the many different forms of support we can all offer each other.

I love helping to promote my fellow authors, and artists of all kinds. We are all connected and sharing the human connection is my life’s work.

1 jess 2

There is no expectation here

I know the market’s flooded. Self publishing has made everyone an author. Even my mom thinks she should write a book now. (And I love her, but no!) Anyone who wants to be a writer, I mean a real hard working author, is crazy. But it’s the best kind of insanity, because those of us who are really in it make it work.


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