Double Trouble

As if getting the cover for book 2 of my Embracing Entropy Series:Wish for Survival wasn’t enough, I just got the contract for the 3rd and last installment: Perfect Chaos!


I love it when everything starts coming together. When I found out that my publisher (European Geeks) wanted to release books 2 and 3 at the same time in ebook format, I was hit with a mixture of emotions. But this means that the full PRINT volume is coming too!! And like most authors, the joy of seeing my name in print is the real dream. haha

There’s nothing like having a physical representation of your work to share with others. Something people can rub and hug and hold. (Oh book love) Best of all that means there is something to SIGN.

Book signings aren’t generally that much fun with ebooks. heehee


We’re a little over 5 weeks out. I’m getting to work on the joys of going back through and pulling out favorite passages and excerpts so you guys can get a taste of what’s coming. Over the past week I’ve heard from quite a few of you expressing your anticipation for this monster release and I’m so ready to give you what you want!

Embracing Entropy has taken up a great part of my life for over a year now. I’ve gotten to nurture it, watch it grow, argue with it at times, cry about it probably a lot more than I’ll ever really admit. It’s not been easy, but overall she’s been good to me.

I’ve got an Indie Award nomination for Book 1: By the Stars, and that was completely unexpected (like everything else with my writing career). This trilogy is nearly ready to come at everyone full force. We no longer need beware the Ides of March, because this year March 15th is gonna have one hell of a release.


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