We’ve got Momentum


My latest release, Siren’s Snare, came out Monday and I’m already hearing good things. She debuted in the 3ks on amazon which is pretty good. Yesterday I heard from a few readers who haven’t finished the book yet but felt the need to message me to tell me how much they were enjoying it.


That kind of encouragement makes a writer’s day, week, month really!

I always aim to improve at the art of writing. Many writers wish to be the best and with the market as flooded as it is now it is harder to stand out than ever. Writing erotic paranormal romance is not what I set out to do. I never set out to become a writer in any genre. I just kind of “fell into it”. But this particular type of story highly enjoyable to read and write because although it is not heavy literature, it is my coping mechanism to help me accept the harsher truths of humanity.

Our hunky siren Savaunt sees people as disgusting beings who destroy everything, he has no problem with the fact that he needs them for nourishment. There are days when I struggle to makes sense of our place in the world, and though this is not the main theme in this novel by any means, it is something that seemed to flow well with the character.

I find that after writing this and discussing it with some of my readers, I no longer believe in the ideal that writers should follow the rules and “write what they know.” It’s a great saying, and it makes sense for some genres. But with fiction, many different types of fiction we should write what we feel. Which is maybe just another way to say “write what you know” because we know our feelings better than we know most anything else.


Thanks everyone for all your support and I hope to hear more from you!

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