Get Out There

Writing is all about connecting, which makes little sense being that the act of getting thoughts out of one’s head is usually a solitary practice. It’s an anomaly. Finding the human connection within your work and spreading it is something that can break boundaries, change the world.

It’s what we hope for.

To do that, a writer has to get their shit out there! Don’t become a walking book ad, but let people know that you like to listen and you also have something to say.

Keep reaching out. Keep working.

I have an interview for The David Snape show today where I will be talking about the success of my children’s book, My Family Is Different. Interviews are tricky sometimes. You don’t want to get tongue tied or ramble on and on, but I find them fun and exciting.

cover image

And to top it off I will be taking over The Itsy Bitsy Book Bits facebook page tonight from 9pm-10pm CST. There will be silliness and a giveaway or two.

Itsy bitsy book bits

Everything always seems to happen at once. No matter how you try to space out promos and releases and events, things overlap. That is part of the job. It can be stressful at times, but it’s an adventure.

Enjoy the ride!

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