You’re Always Invited

Tomorrow’s the big day.

thank you

Each release is as different as each piece I write. Twitter parties are fun because most of us can just hop on, joke around, good off, and/or show some support.

(All of the above is my fav teehee)

I’m humbled and excited, and still a little weirded out to be included in this. I mean I’ve written some horridly gory cosmic horror in my career. But genre hopper that I am, I never like to shove myself (or the possibilities of what I may write) into any one category.


Writing about myself and my experiences with life is a trip. Self-exploration is probably the most difficult journey one can go on, and it never stops. Just when you think you know yourself, the winds change and something new develops.

Keep growing, changing, loving, and giving in to your emotions sometimes-use your head too please. haha Not everything in life has to be a tragedy, no matter how much bullshit you deal with.

Okay, enough of that. We should all know the “good enough, smart enough” bit by now.


And if you don’t, Doggone it people like you. (At least I do. Love me some people-I swear I am sober right now, my tea is even decaf heehee)

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