Read my Epoch Times Op-Ed

If any of you read my work regularly, you knew I was going to have something to say about the Dr. Seuss debacle. I’m not a fan of cancel culture, censorship, or ignorance; and aborting books is akin to banning and burning them. I own 3 of the now out-of-print Dr. Seuss works and will not part with them for anything.

“Misconceptions lead to miscommunications,” and the current world of media frenzies is full of them. Decrying decades old works due to a lack of understanding, nuance, or underlying themes is becoming all too common.

I don’t give a flying parc tab (that’s bat crap backwards, a la, my grandfather) if you agree or disagree. What I care is that you think for YOURSELF and that you do it critically. What does that mean? It means to get one’s head out of their rear-end and look at the situation from all perspectives. If you are interested in doing that, please read the piece I have published in today’s, “Epoch Times.”

They used an ancient headshot of mine, from back in my early days of authorship, but I don’t mind. The smile’s still the same.

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