Biden’s New Goal: 200 Million Vaccinated in 100 Days

I’m not taking the vaccine. I’ve never been fully anti-vaccine, but I am a nature worshipping Pagan and I’ve researched and experienced plenty of blunders with the “advances” modern science has created.

When my eldest was a baby, the rotavirus vaccine was popular. She was considered at risk and my Dr presented it as just another necessary dosing. This was not a shot, but administered orally. My own pharmicaphobia didn’t stop me from realizing that some medical practices/medicines are necessary and I went along with it.

My daughter seemed fine. We went home and I thought everything was normal. But within the hour she became completely unresponsive. She was totally limp, wouldn’t nurse, and her breathing was shallow.

For 12 hours I had no idea if I lost my child.

She did recover, thankfully. But it was only after the fact that our doctor admitted that that particular vaccine was unnecessary since I was a stay-at-home mom and rotavirus was mainly passed at day cares, plus it was usually only an issue in 3rd world countries without clean drinking water.

The vaccine batch that my daughter was given was recalled shortly after.

When I speak about this to those who don’t try to paint anti-vaxers as backwoods morons, I find more and more stories about vaccine injury and even deaths. The media loves to portray anyone who questions the standard rhetoric as uneducated or uninformed, but mothers are usually more informed than doctors when it comes to these issues. We continuously research and fact check with credible sources instead of just trusting msn and yahoo garbage.

I am always most concerned about new vaccines as there hasn’t been enough time to study short-term and long-term side-effects. Vaccines that have been around for decades are safer because we understand them on a long-term scale.

The covid-19 vaccine may be the right choice for the elderly and the at-risk, but expecting healthy adults and children (who are barely effected by covid-19, if at all) to take this new vaccine is irresponsible. I firmly believe that it should remain optional and if the government tries to mandate it, I will oppose their overreach.

My body my choice has quickly taken on new meaning throughout this pandemic.

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5 thoughts on “Biden’s New Goal: 200 Million Vaccinated in 100 Days

  1. Lo Potter says:

    I haven’t commented for a while (hi again!). I agree with you. People need to have their autonomy preserved when making the choices best for their personal health with their doctor. I’m someone that tends to have to get vaccines multiple times because they tend not to work (I received the MMR+chickenpox series 3 times?). Once they do work, I know because it’s a fairly noticeable reaction. The majority of the Covid-19 vaccine side effects lasted ~24 hours, but they were frighteningly severe. I got the single shot option because, as someone with a history of cancer on an immunomodulator, and the side effects almost sent me to the ER. I don’t regret getting it because this means I can work and rejoin normal life again. But for anyone with less of a pain tolerance than me? For reference: I blow tendons and shrug it off as a “I’ll deal with that later.” With that amount of information, I hope people understand what I’m saying; it’s totally worth it if you need it and know what you’re getting into.

    You’re right – I think people need to be informed and able to make these decisions for themselves.

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