Here we go again: Joe Biden’s Hard Leftist Agenda Is Being Called “Moderate Radicalism”

I like to call things what they are. I’m not a fan of confused terminology concocted to manipulate the perception of the common person. People are smarter than everyone thinks they are, but our language has been continuously manipulated by big tech, the corporate news, and a bunch of other shit heads (there’s no other term for it) who wish to mislead, abuse, and rule over us.

CNN is a major offender. Though probably written as a joke, their headline calling Biden’s politics “Moderate Radicalism,” was backed with soft language like “quiet radicalism,” and “hardly extreme.”

This kind of passive language is usually a no-no in the realm of publishing. I mean we want our statements to be bold and exact. We want our readers to know what the fuck we’re saying, right? Well, maybe those of us who got into the writing and reporting business to find and support truth.

I know there’s this cool new movement that believes that truth is subjective, all truth. But no. Ducks are not pigs. Math is not racist. And words have specific meanings. When those meanings are twisted or changed to suit political interests, it’s spelled T-Y-R-A-N-N-Y. Period.

CNN makes for great comedy. They never cease to induce laughter in those who research and study issues for themselves. I don’t care if you love, hate, or don’t care about Biden. What I care about is that the news is reported objectively so people can make decisions for themselves. And because of that, just to confuse everyone some more, I want you to read my OPINION piece haha

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