Cancer Death Rates Are Up Because of COVID Protocols

I’m a “question everything” kinda girl. I grew up listening to George Carlin and Ron Paul, Walter Williams and my cynical Aunt Peggy. My grandpa was my main father figure, and as a decorated WWII soldier he not only taught me this, but openly debated serious topics of the time with me.

When COVID “hit” I didn’t listen to much mainstream news. In my experiences the major media corporations see us all as pawns to be moved and placed according to their agenda, or really, the agendas of the moguls who own them.

The “we’re all gonna die” tactics used had been done before. During H1N1, Zika, the Aids epidemic and more so I thought it was pretty played out. Sure caution is understandable, but the freak out was comical, only the joke was on us.

I remember growing more concerned about cancer patients because Dr’s offices and hospitals were delaying treatment for everything, and now the results are in. The world hasn’t ended, but for the first time in decades, cancer is on the rise.

Read on if you want my sources and story:

3 thoughts on “Cancer Death Rates Are Up Because of COVID Protocols

  1. 🎶 S M I L E 🎶 says:

    Very well expressed. There are certain other reasons too.

    Globally many big hospitals reviewing COVID and side effects victims and sll other sickness literally ignored or no place to treat them.

    The medicines used in treatment is causing effects on early stages of cancer victims and triggering and shooting speed causing deaths with the cancer.

    Many lung cancer victims are leaving more faster than expected.

    Over and all people get scared of word COVID which is causing failure in recovery. Drs and support staff must morally boost up the victims and end of the day health care front line are getting tired of excessive work some where the performance level dropping due to high level stress factor.

    Covid attention causing other health disorders get ignored since past year which is also lost control over line of action.

    Wishing every one follow strict measures and avoid get in groups and crowds can reduce infection rates and hope things improve in couple of months.

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