Loch Ness Monster Birthday Party!

My daughter is obsessed with Nessie! She’s a true believer so, of course, we had to celebrate her 9th birthday with a fun monster party.

So Nessie parties aren’t exactly popular. This means you gotta get creative when it comes to decorations.

As soon as I saw this on Etsy I knew it would be a great centerpiece. I ordered a pair right away and they were perfectly adorable.

I like supporting artists, so I splurged a bit and also nabbed these:

For the cake I got this cute cookie cutter to help outline Nessie’s body.

I iced the entire body, so she’s even there beneath the surface haha And now we can make Nessie cookies whenever we want!

We had all sorts of green and blue tablecloths and balloons, but my husband made this:

Cuz you gotta love Pin-the-Tail-On-The-Nessie.

Presents were a little sillier. There is a theory that Nessie is an un-evolved dinosaur, but my daughter completely rejects it. She looks at Nessie the same way as she sees unicorns and dragons. She loves the mythical creature. She wants to pretend and believe. She doesn’t want scientific facts bringing realism into the fantasy.


I found this adorable stuffed animal.

My mom found these books:

This one has facts but is still fun, and that appeased my little one haha

There are plenty of fun Nessie shirts to order online

Someone got her this cute “Nessie” Stuffie and she loves it! (Shhh, it’s NOT a dino)

We had a swim party to add that extra water element–that so many kids love–and swam ourselves silly. I’m still exhausted, but it was so much fun.

Sure superhero and princess parties can be fun, but I’m glad my kids like different stuff.

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