Llewellyn Dropped Me (Happy Valentine’s Day!) haha

A few months back Llewellyn rejected my second book. They said they have too many similar titles, and so I figured, “Okay that makes sense.”

So I started finishing up my 3rd submission for them. I turned it into my editor a couple of weeks ago. My editor over there is great. She raved and raved about sales for The Magic of Nature. She really believes in my work and I owe her endless gratitude. But being a conservative Pagan, I knew I would meet some hurdles. The religion of politics is king right now and everyone’s jumping on bandwagons fighting each other instead of uniting to fight the rich elites who manipulate us.

By my grandparent’s standards I’d probably still be considered a liberal, but by today’s wackadoo mob mentality I’m a conservative because I believe in balance, due process, and love for everyone, not just people who agree with me. I’ve wholly embraced this. I’m not one to hide or sit quietly and just go along with anything to save my own skin.

I knew when I left twitter (because they allowed child pornography to circulate) that liberals, and the liberal publishing industry would sneer at me. Apparently screaming online is more important to them than protecting children from sexual molestation.

I knew when I dropped Facebook, and Instagram for their one-sided politics and harmful policies that again, I was taking a risk.

I knew that vocally leaving YouTube because I oppose censorship was a huge move.

I even knew that dropping pinterest (because they censored my article detailing that netflix was potentially facing a child porn lawsuit) would put me in hot water.

I also knew that joining independent social media sites, that support freedom of speech and freedom of thought (and have been vilified by elitist billionaires and the media they control) would cause a stir.

But even Gettr censored my work and so I dropped them. I have thousands of followers here, on Minds.com and plenty on Tumblr, Gab, and LinkedIn.

My book sales only went up when I left mainstream social media, but because I do not hide who I am and believe in diversity of thought above all, suddenly Llewellyn is claiming that my title with them, didn’t sell enough. (This is the book with sales that my editor raved about for months).

They have asked that I no longer submit any of my work to them.

Read that again.

Most publishers don’t ever do that. I’ve been working in publishing for 10 years and even when I had issues with publishers, no one ever straight up said, “Don’t send us anymore of your work.”

I suspect this is political, or ideological. I’ll never really know, and I don’t even know if I wish to. Whatever the reason, it’s their loss. I’m grateful for the experiences I had with them, and sorry for their inability to see the value of continuing our business relationship.

Here are some of my posts about it. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe their sales criteria has changed. Maybe I’m a horrible writer with horrible thoughts. But my fan mail keeps me writing. I started writing because I was asked to, and I continue to do so because of YOU: my wonderful, lovely readers.

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