What it was like meeting The People’s Convoy in Cuba, MO

The People’s Convoy is a breathtaking sight. I wanted to write about it as soon as I got home, but we were all awestruck by the event. It was truly a unifying peaceful protest. Miles and miles of truckers and motorists came to stop in Cuba, Missouri.

It was the longest parade I’ve ever seen. Just a group of people looking to get the elites in power to drop the National State of Emergency. These are the people who would fight for you if a land war ever broke out on our soil. These are the people who remember our rights and just want to live their lives freely with liberty and justice for all.

The corruption in Washington is undeniable. They will not give up the power to do as they please with our inherent rights unless the people remind them that they work for us. We fund them, everything they pass, everything they do, and even their salaries. Nancy Pelosi’s expensive refrigerator (that costs more than most of our annual income) was paid for by YOU and ME.

So no, I don’t think the truckers should back down. And yes, I believe that the politicians in DC are probably planning to politically punish them, but that’s why this is ever more important. If we don’t stand now, our children will fall. (Yeah yeah, I know George Carlin was always mocking everyone who “worried about the children” — he also only had one kid and admitted he was kind of a shitty father).

Nobody’s perfect. That’s the point. If our “leaders” admitted that they made some mistakes, that COVID wasn’t as deadly as predicted, then we could move on. But we can’t, because we’re led by a snobby herd of self-righteous cowards who can’t even have the decency to remember the people. So it’s time to remind them that we are their bread and butter, their champagne and caviar.

The media wants everyone looking at Ukraine. I’ve lived through this game. The Gulf War and the War in Afghanistan were also support to be WWIII, and everyone was helplessly watched and cried.

I wish everyone well. But there is nothing I can do for those people, meanwhile we have plenty of issues that need to be paid mind to at home. Like Biden’s new extremist Supreme Court justice, North Korea’s missile testing, Taiwan preparing for war with China, The fact that 36K Afghani refugees in the US might be deported, Finally investigating Hunter Biden’s illegal dealings and his father’s (The President’s — honk honk) involvement, The fact that Ohio and Texas have issued warnings that at-home COVID tests have toxic chemicals in them, the fact that the full vaccine report (on injuries and efficacy) is due next week, and OH YEAH, a giant convoy of truckers is driving cross country to make sure Americans retain their right to assemble, breathe fresh air, and govern their own bodies.

2 thoughts on “What it was like meeting The People’s Convoy in Cuba, MO

  1. henhouselady says:

    They are supposed to roll through Indiana sometime today. I think they will travel down I70 to Ohio. I wish they were coming through our part of the state. The sad thing is most of the people in America don’t know it’s happening.

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