Professor Thinks Children Are Partially To Blame In Abuse Cases

I cannot say it enough (And this is, of course in the case of adults who KNOWINGLY do this):

“When a grown adult engages in sexual activity with a minor, they are breaking the law and damaging a young person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness, whether the child knows it or not. It is expressly because children are not fully developed enough to make those kinds of adult decisions for themselves that there is an age of consent. Whether coercion, grooming, or manipulation occurs or not, child sexual abuse is a crime because of the life-long lasting effects that the victim will eventually realize even if they don’t within the short term. To blame the children, under any circumstances, for what sexual predators do, is in itself a predatory act because it shifts the blame from the adult who is making a conscious decision, to a child whose brain and body are not fully formed yet.”  

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