32 Great Conservative Tweets That Show What People Really Think About Elon Musk Owning The Platform

I was asked to write on this for a certain conservative magazine, then they told me it was too conservative for their conservative magazine. It was done and ready over the weekend but I think everyone can still benefit from the laugh. I mean the influx of people coming back to twitter has led to some serious goofing off! And pushing a few comedy boundaries (like the good ol’ days).


The #AOCLovesElon joke was born over the weekend and is STILL going. It’s just good fun. Everything got too serious while most of the moderates and conservatives were gone.

Now that joking about hot-button issues isn’t getting people banned anymore, it looks like truth and wisdom can be funny again. As the platform’s sense of humor returns, there will be plenty of push back. Just ask Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board. I wonder what the supreme court will say about that if and when someone is penalized for exercising their inherent 1st amendment rights.

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