The Dangerous ‘Disinformation’ Smear

“my work has been labeled as “misinformation” when it tells inconvenient truths. Last year, I interviewed a nurse who quit her job because she couldn’t in good conscience continue pandering lies. She gave me hospital documents that proved COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials never involved pregnant women, but pregnant women were still being instructed to get the vaccine. No one honestly knew what side effects they might have, but doctors and nurses were still told to recommend the vaccines to pregnant women. This article was labeled “misinformation” by Facebook without an appropriate review of the content.”

This was a year ago and things have gotten so much worse. The free flow of information is under attack. This isn’t a left or right issue, it’s a human rights issue.

Read on to learn more about how my work has been censored and how congress is trying to fight against government controlled speech.

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