PayPal Doesn’t Deserve a Second Chance

“October 12, 2022: The internet went ablaze at the new PayPal “misinformation” penalties. This policy would snatch $2,500 from any PayPal user who was found to “promote misinformation.” Now they’re claiming that this plan was a mistake, but that is a lame excuse and anyone still using their services needs to walk away.

Since the start of the pandemic, politics has reigned over factual information. Truth was labelled “misinformation” in order to control the general public. This was displayed as standard medical treatments and protocols were overlooked in favor of Fauci worship. Suddenly science became about bowing down to elitist rulers imposing unconstitutional mandates, while anyone who questioned the medical response through the scientific method was branded a ‘science denier.‘”

I have no tolerance for companies like PayPal. Click the link to get the full take.

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