Oh Happy Day!

When you write, it’s a mixture of torture and ecstasy. Writers do what we do because we’re masochists, to a degree. But then those of us who actually submit our works and play Russian Roulette with our hearts get torn up pretty bad. It’s how it goes.

You either take the pain and use it as fuel, or you give up.

Yesterday I received two acceptances all before noon. I’ve had two rejections in one day, but never acceptances. And then to top it off, I got another one this morning.

What can we all learn from this?

Keep your ass going! I have had a lot of rejections, my acceptance ratio went from 1 in 20 to 3 in 10 overnight. Listen to personal rejections. Take a minute to bitch and yell, and then really examine what the editor said. If you only get standard rejections, get opinions from elsewhere.

There’s always room to improve. Every successful writer will tell you that. No I’m not an authority on the subject by any means, but my experiences are definitely teaching me how to keep things going.

For a list of my upcoming projects, hit the bottom of my About Me page.

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