My new baby

It’s no secret that writer’s struggle. We have lives, bills to pay, the same shit that everyone else has to deal with. You gotta love being an adult right?

Hell yeah! I love that even when I struggle, it’s my struggle. I don’t have someone telling me who to be or what to do. And best of all I have surrounded myself with the most awesome people.

It should be no surprise to any of you that my ancient hand-me-down laptop was failing me. I mean I’ve had it for about a year as my “temporary replacement” until I got what I really need. My sister gave it to me since she didn’t need it anymore, and I love her for helping me out. But it was old and never really felt like mine. (still thanks sis, I mean you’re the best!)

Things have been tight, but I can I can squeeze a dime out of a rock so to speak, so I was shocked to wake up yesterday and find a brand new 2 in 1 computer waiting for me at the breakfast table. My husband somehow found the fundage to pick it up for me. Now I’m not usually one of those women who like gifts, (ask anyone, I have severe issues. It seems to me like someone’s trying to buy your love. I know it’s the thought, but I’m messed up) but I nearly peed my pants. I had no idea what he was up to and best of all it’s not some obligatory gift for some greeting card holiday.

So yeah, ladies you can all be jealous. haha Just in good fun though okay. Because we have struggled a lot in the past and you don’t want to walk that path.

So yeah hooray for a new computer that serves my every need. I can type on it, swipe on it, and everything in between.

Side note, in retaliation of my happiness our router is on strike today so that’s been fun. But you can’t have it all. teehee

2 thoughts on “My new baby

  1. Jacqui Murray says:

    It looks like you got a Surface Pro? How do you like it? That’s on my Favorites list. I may get a Chromebook while I’m waiting just because it’s so darn dependable, unbreakable, and cheap. Oh, it doesn’t run Word software, which is a problem for me.

    1. jessmbaum says:

      It’s actually the cheap knockoff nextbook brand. I love it it. It’s more of what I want and less expensive. I wanted a laptop that can double as a tablet, whereas most people want the opposite.

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