Your Book’s out, what’s next?

I’m still learning here, and I hope I never stop, no matter how many times I get published. But like any other job, writing is hard work. For me it’s not necessarily the writing as much as the expectation of shameless promoting.

Yeah there are days where working on a manuscript is like an abusive relationship. You know it can be better, but it keeps hurting you. That’s why you need to be tough to do this.

But once you do get through the edits with your publisher and the book comes out, the real work begins. Social media is so important now. If you don’t have a website or a blog, and twitter, facebook, g+, tumblr, pintrist, (I could keep going but won’t) it will be that much harder to gain reader’s interest.

Here’s where the real fun starts, because you don’t want to be the asshole whose page is only filled with, “Buy my crap,” or “give me your money,” that’s a great way to piss people off. Drop a line and a link here and there, but still talk to people, because they are people and they need to be loved not inundated with ads.

Get yourself booked at local events, national events, whatever you can get to. It’s amazing how sales increase after just one event. People talk and if you’re a hermit asshole they don’t care anymore. The days of hiding behind your words is over. If you only care about writing, and have no interest in the people you are writing for, you may want to switch to another industry. 🙂

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