Writers and the Weekend

It’s Friday! Everybody jump up and dance around screaming about the weekend. Woohoo

Okay now that we’ve gotten that out of our systems, do any other writers out there find themselves getting less excited about the change of days? Every day I feel as if I’m getting more behind, which makes no sense for me because I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck about finishing anything right now.

Is this common? Does writer’s guilt exist?

It doesn’t matter if I’ve just finished a short story, or a novel, I feel as if I’m never doing enough. But a person has to have a life right?

My motto is adventure first and then write. It seems pointless to sit down and try to create an interesting story if you don’t do anything worth writing about. So when I’m out, life is all about living, especially on the weekends.

But when I get back to the mundane, a ridiculous sense of guilt seems to creep into me as if I’ve wasted time I could have been writing. It makes no sense. I understand how irrational it is, but sometimes I wish I could split through mitosis. If writer me could just write, mom me could chase after the kiddos, wife me could play with my husband, adventure me could spend all my time hiking, scuba diving, biking, climbing, sky diving, and so on (with magical pretend fundage since we’re speculating here), I could accomplish so much.

Duh. I imagine a lot of people wish to do more. Maybe that’s why we all go crazy trying to cram a bunch of activities into our weekends. I know that if I were four different people (or more), my writing would suffer, along with everything else. But sometimes this overwhelming energy that drives me to crave more makes it seem as if I’m going to burst.

Balancing living and writing is no easy task. Sure we get to live in our worlds, but there’s nothing like getting out and really being somewhere. Of course when its time to come home and a blank page laughs at you, the writer’s guilt is still there.

So hooray for rambling. I could’ve spent this time finishing my latest horror piece, but instead I decided to confide in any of you who relate. Because we’re all in this together and it’s the weekend! Time to put off projects and go live.

Enjoy it while you can. The guilt will be well worth it on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Writers and the Weekend

  1. Dave S. Koster says:

    I can totally relate to this. I do have writer’s guilt. Having it right now. Usually, it’s not so bad when I’m out and about – tonight I was off watching my daughter’s dance recital. I didn’t feel bad about not writing over that, but now I’m home and kids are in bed so I’m stressed out because I don’t have the mental energy to do more than look over the current bit of revision I’m working on. This weekend is also full of various chores, and that’s stressful, not because there are too many chores, but it’s going to keep me from writing, and that doesn’t make me feel good either. All that said, I did get a book drafted, and that’s pretty big for me. So, perhaps the guilt is just enough to keep us going when we could be wasting time in less productive ways?

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