Eight reasons a writing hiatus makes me a better writer

I made it!

It’s June first and I’m read to start my writing hiatus. I take June and December off writing new material to give myself time to slow down and live. The relief of taking the pressure down for a month has already made my Monday better, and it will help me when I get back into the flow of writing.


1. I’ll have time to finish editing works-There’s nothing more annoying than the guilt of starting a new story while you have two or three that have been waiting to be edited for months. It’s good to set them aside for a while, but eventually you have to get it together and polish them.

2. I can submit my polished stuff with ease-Since I’ll have more time to edit, I can gain more confidence in my stories and ready myself to submit. It should be simple, but sending your work out never gets easier. Even after a children’s book and ebook release, I’m still scared as shit when putting my babies out there to be torn apart by publishers and editors. You have to bolster yourself up and be ready to take the criticism.

3. It gives me time to promote my already published works-I’m a people person so I want to get out and talk and play with everyone. I’m free to go to my children’s book signing this weekend at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic (June 6th and 7th at Tower Grove Park) without worrying about characters that haven’t been fully developed yet.

4. More time to read-As a word addict I crave the work of other writers, dead or alive. I will be devouring words like crazy over the next 30 days.

5. The idea tank fills up-Right now I’m glad to relax for a while, but by the 1st of July I’ll be itching to scratch out some tales on a sheet of paper. When I’m not trying to develop new stories, they come to me by the dozens. I do cheat a little and write out a short description when I get a flash of brilliance to give myself something to go on when I want to revisit it. Every time I go on hiatus I come back to my notebook with pages of little one sentence story sparks.

6. I get to “adventure first the write”-This has been my motto for a while now. How can I write anything good if I don’t go out and try new things? I have trouble sitting still as it is. My hiatus periods are lumped full of exploration and activities to keep me from growing bored, so I don’t care about missing writing and I have more material stored up for later.

7. Rediscovering humanity comes naturally-This might sound odd, but writing gives me what I call “writer’s brain.” I tend to over examine everything and it gives me a little too much fuel for my already fiery soul. (Just ask my husband, he’s the only man who’s successfully tamed me) Writing makes us crazy, and stepping back for a while reminds us that the world is not as magnified as we often see it. Yes there are problems, yes we should aid in whatever causes we can, but we can’t do everything at once we are only human.

8. It prevents burning out-I already sound as if I’m riled up don’t I? I’ll keep blogging to feed the need. But I don’t want to burn myself out. I did that with music, and now I’m having to go back and relearn songs I used to play because I couldn’t bring myself to do it anymore. (It’s painful to know how much I lost) If you don’t burn out, you’ll continue to love what you do, and you won’t have to lose anything.

So happy June. Life is so living right now!

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