Climbing the Ladder

It’s been a wild ride this week. I’m finishing up my writing hiatus, trying to breeze through a few more books before delving into new material, and I signed a deal for my Novella, By the Stars, with European Geeks publishing.

Can I just say how funny I think it is that I’m an American writer being published under European Geeks? haha I love it. Always fun messing with reader’s minds.

But I’ve also kind of been looking back a bit the past few days. It’s funny how things come together. I have always written and piddled around with a few submissions for fun years ago, but I never expected anything to come of it.

It wasn’t until I wrote a heartfelt Children’s book that I felt the need to get my stuff out there for real. My Family Is Different, pored out of me so fast I didn’t know what it was. But when I looked down at the simple lines, I realized it held a message that needed to get out.

A friend of mine jumped at the chance to illustrate it and blew me away with her images. I’d never pursued publishing for a children’s book, so I started digging to find publishers that I though would want our little story. We got a couple of rejections, but were offered a deal by a teeny tiny indie publisher, THG Stardragon Publishing.

It was a great place to start. But the company is so small that they don’t have capital to aid with marketing, so that’s all been on me. I was just happy to get published. Maybe I could’ve gotten a better deal if I’d have waited, we’ll never know. But I’m glad that I got the opportunity I did because it helped me to dig further into the industry.

I had to make my own contacts with local booksellers and national independent stores. It’s been up to me to sign up to sell books at festivals and participate in events. It hasn’t been easy, but I have a lot of energy and am always up for a challenge.

Then I kind of got to know some romance writers and wrote a novelette for an anthology, Tale of Two Bookends. It was rejected after being shortlisted, but picked up on its own by an ebook publisher.

Going from writing a Children’s book to an erotic romance was quite the jump, but I love all forms of writing. Each genre has something different to offer. I learned most about editing from Lee Ann Salter at Cobbleston Press, the romance publisher. Having editing sessions with her really aided me in being able to comb through my work.

Horror is my first love. Fantasy and sci-fi are a close second, so now getting my Space Opera ready for release is top priority.

I still have 2 other novels that need tweaking to get out there, and I want to write 2 more novellas that continue the story after By the Stars.

There’s always more to write and future deals to seek, but I finally feel that I am truly climbing the ladder. I’m enthusiastic about working with European Geeks. The idea that I can grow with them, since they’re relatively new, seems highly appealing.

There is a publisher out there for every good story, you just have to find them.

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