Damn Peer Pressure Love/Hate Challenge

Oh man, 4 year old adult has nominated me to do the love/hate challenge. Now I usually hate chain-mail type posts, but this is simple and fun.

-List 10 things you love

-List 10 things you hate

-Nominate other people

So if you’re interested in me for whatever reason here are mine. heehee

Things I love:

1. My life

2. The people who surround me with unconditional love

3. Nature

4. Swimming

5. Reading

6. Hiking

7. Writing

8. Working with animals

9. Volunteering at the Crisis Nursery

10. Music

Things I hate:

1. I hate hate

2. I hate chain-mail that makes me list what I hate

3. I hate talking about hate

4. I hate writing about hate

5. I hate dealing with haters

6. I hate reading about hate

7. I hate living beside hate everyday

8. I hate feeling hopeless in the midst of hate

9. I hate it when people do not believe they can stop hate

10. And I hate to think that anyone could hate me

Wow, this was more fun than I thought it would be.

So now I must destroy someone else’s sense of self by nominating them to do this. teehee Cue maniacal laugh and go:

1. Shannon Noel Bradley

2. David S. Koster

And I’ll leave it at that. Enough torture for today

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