Two weeks!

The official release date for my Science Fiction novella is August 3rd. This date has so much meaning being that it is not only the birth of the ebook version of the first tale in my Embracing Entropy Series, but it’s also the day before my birthday.

I know; I’m such a girl. I love birthdays. Most women my age hate them, but I’ll be 32 and I’m happy to own this time in my life. It gives me a moment to sit back and think about what I’ve accomplished, what I want to attack as I get older, and have fun.

The plan is that I should be done writing up the first draft of book 2 by then. We’ll see how I do. I’m usually pretty good at keeping the deadlines I set for myself. I have anywhere from 3-6 chapters left depending on how long it runs. At a chapter a night, you can do the math.

Each book is slated to be released every six months in ebook format and then once the series is finished there will be a full print volume that puts them all together for book nerds like me who have to touch a physical copy. That and signing an ebook hasn’t become very popular yet. Gotta have something to ink my name on in the hopes that someone cares. haha

But seriously, I hope everyone enjoys By the Stars. She means a lot to me.

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