Book 2 is Named

Titling a story scares the hell out of me. A title is like cover art, it shouldn’t really matter but it is essentially what draws readers in. Sometimes I’m lucky and I can build a story with a title in mind from the first word, more often I finish and have no idea what the hell to call the bastard.

This week was not only the release of my science fiction novella, By the Stars, book 1 of the Embracing Entropy Series, but I’ve also finished book 2 and been working to type up my manuscript.

Yes, I longhand. Apparently this is rare? I had no idea until a whole slew of writers marveled over the fact that I hand wrote book 1. I longhand all my writing, just makes the words more real to me I guess.

It does make extra work, being that once I finish a manuscript I have to type it up. But it gives me an extra angle for editing. I’m able to rework sentences and add in more meat to the story as I filter through notebook pages.

I can usually find a good working title somewhere in the typing process. Book 2 started to really grate on me. Up until yesterday I still didn’t have a title and I only had 4 chapters left to type. But it finally emerged as I shaved it down to 2 chapters left.

Ensuring Survival is the name of book 2. The more I say it the more I like it. Titles always concern me and it often takes time for a good one to really seem like it fits.

Playing God in your own fictional universe can be fun, but I find it terrifying. I hope you all approve. haha

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