You Can’t Please Everyone

I love reading, I love writing, and I always do my best to write what I would love to read. When you have the guts to submit your work, your work, something that you created yourself, and get accepted it feels amazing.

I love working with publishers because it bolsters my confidence. It means that someone in the industry believes in what I have written. I’ve done this a couple of times so I know what’s next. The book comes out and you sit and wait for reviews.

By the Stars came out less than a week ago, so I’ve been torturing myself by checking stats everyday. The reviews have been good so far. But there’s always that one that grates on you.

The more I get published the tougher I have to be. Not everyone is an avid reader like me, not everyone relates to my characters, and not everyone understands what it means to truly suspend disbelief. You can’t please everyone. There will always be that one asshole out there who is looking to criticize as opposed to just enjoying a story.

Every writer who’s been in the game long enough will tell you this. Resilience and perseverance are necessities for writers. I try to always keep a positive attitude, it seems to help as well.

Not everyone will understand you or your writing, get over it and keep drafting new stories.

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Please Everyone

  1. Dave S. Koster says:

    Thanks for this, I think it’s something we all need to hear – probably all the time. In true internet creeper fashion, I think I found the review in question. That particular review, assuming it’s the one I think it is, is a perfect example for this article. That was a person that didn’t really like the book, I think. Not because it’s bad, but because they just didn’t identify with it.

    If I had read By the Stars book to be a critic, which I didn’t – I read it as a reader to enjoy it, I would not have come up with those problems. In fact, I wonder about them because they’re just not accurate. I gave a couple of people a book to beta read, some of those folks have been coming back with super constructive advice. Some, the comments have just been critical. What I realized is that the folks who gave the critical (and frankly not helpful) feedback, didn’t like the book. I always tell folks to stop reading the minute they though it sucked and tell me why, because neither of us are going to get anything out of a full read-through.

    Working in a research environment for so many years, I learned that criticism doesn’t always mean you’ve done badly. There are times when I know we’ve done a job to rival world-class institutions, yet we get beat up for it, sometimes rather publicly. I grew a thick skin there and it’s helped with writing. When someone gives a real bad bit of feedback, my perspective is to shrug, after all, you’re right, not everyone is going to enjoy the book.

    1. jessmbaum says:

      Wow, yeah. It’s not even a terrible review, but you know how it goes. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that writing is personal and like you said, some people just won’t like the book. haha Thanks 🙂

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