Writer’s Purgatory

I finished book two of my Embracing Entropy Series: Ensuring Survival, got it typed up and ready for editing, now comes the hard part.

No matter how much I want to dive in and fix all the little issues I know are waiting for me, I have to let my manuscript sit. It’s like cooking. It has to simmer to be ready for mixing.

A month is usually a good enough chunk of time to get the story in my head out of my thoughts so I can focus on the story I’ve actually written. Problem is, recently I only work on one project at a time. No matter how many other story ideas I have, I won’t work on anything else until the editing process for this one is finished.

I didn’t always work like this. I also didn’t always have a publisher, or write as well as I do now.

Patience is a ghost that haunts ever writer. We need it, we have to use it, but we don’t really have it. There’s a part of me that’s dying for September.

It’s like living in writer’s purgatory.

And to make this limbo feel more like hell, I have a reading tomorrow. It’s nothing huge just the monthly open mic for my writer’s guild. I’ve gotten up there once before, but never to read a chapter of one of my published books. (Not that I have that many right now haha)

Just to torture myself, I plan on recording tomorrow night’s attempted performance. I don’t know if the sound will pick up correctly, or if the picture will be great; I’m not a filmmaker with oodles of pro equipment. All I’m hoping is that I don’t throw up on myself and that I can possibly share this reading with you guys online.

It’s a tall order. Also comes on the same day that I have another interview being published in addition to trying to get things together for another blog tour.

Whatever happened to the days of writers secluding themselves from everyone and drinking themselves to death? haha

I am so just kidding. (Kind of, I mean I do love wine and rum and some days I would love to move to Antarctica if it means I could escape societal pressures) But really I love being able to connect with readers, writers, and everyone around the globe. Makes this purgatory more fun.

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