Holy Posters and T-Shirts Batman



Okay, I know I’m not a best selling author, and earlier today I got feedback on my recent WIP from a trusted writer friend that basically said I have a lot of work ahead of me, but on the flip side people can actually buy a poster and/or T-shirt for my new release By the Stars.

I mean someone who actually likes my work can get a poster of the book cover and pin it to their wall. They can wear a freaking T-shirt that has it. Makes me do a happy dance.

Every bit of encouragement is important to keep a writer going. Even with all the “breaks” I’ve had, I still wake up and question what the hell I’m doing. There are some days where I wonder if I should quit writing and accept that I’ll never be the best.

But if I do that I don’t stand a chance.

So hooray to awesome publishers who offer awesome merchandise to awesome people. How many times can I say awesome today? Awesome awesome awesome haha

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