I’m just being honest!


Pointing Telescopes | S. Noel Brady


I want to talk about critiques. Namely, the right and the wrong ways to give them, and there are wrong ways, so if you’re the type who believes honesty equals brutality or that “feelings” should be pronounced with a sneer and a sarcastic waggling of the fingers, I’d like you to read this post.

First, a disclaimer. I am in two critique groups that meet offline, I post work to an online community for feedback, and occasionally trade email attachments with long-distance writer friends. Basically, I am no stranger to criticism. In fact, I welcome it into my home with open arms and a casserole in the oven.

Okay, I’m exaggerating. I find hearing critique as hard as anybody. Sometimes I get so nervous entering the coffee shop where my writing group meets that my hands physically shake. But nervous or not, I want the critique. I want to know…

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