Paternal Admiration

“And you never forget his eyes.”

That’s just a line from the 12 I have in this collection…

Okay, for someone who talks a lot about “hating poetry” I’m also not above eating my words. Poetry, when not exploited for romantic idealism, to get laid, or lament the “darkness of one’s soul,” isn’t so bad.

I quite enjoy pretending to have any skill in verse. I was a singer/songwriter for quite some time, and the songies still burst out of me sometimes.

So when Wingless Dreamer hosted a contest for Father’s Day poetry and I got a different kind of poem idea, I had to write and submit it. It was completely against my will. My hands and my heart held my brain hostage and screamed: WE’RE DOING THIS! GET OVER IT YOU ASSHOLE.

And of course, my poem was accepted and is now published in this sweet volume for Fathers.

It was not my idea to release it so close to Father’s Day (making shipping by the event impossible), nor did I write about my own dad. I mean as far as uncles go, my dad was okay, but for a parent…he was def not what you’d call a pillar of stability, morality, or even a sobering vision of love…

Now my husband on the other hand. That man is obsessed with our son, and completely devoted to my daughters from my first marriage.

He is the reason I wrote this and he gets all the credit.

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