Big Giant Face

I did that thing that authors do where they have a part of their soul stolen by camera work.

Also know as…the dreaded… headshots!


The last time I had them done I was 5 or 6 months pregnant with my son and since he’s almost a year old my goofy face needed to be updated.


Okay, maybe not that one (the Steven Tyler mouth gets a bit crazy sometimes)


It’s silly because I’m totally comfortable onstage in front of crowds but as soon as a photographer tells me to pull out my powers stance I stop and go: What’s that? haha

The awesome Katherine M. Blanner took these shots and I’m so grateful because living in the gateway city all my photographers get too good for our city and move away.

Aaaand for a brief second 1 in 50 photos comes through looking slightly okay. #NotPhotogenic

And I even got a SERIOUS one.


Look at me being an adult


It didn’t last long.

There was ice cream and jumping on the bed afterwards! teehee

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