A New Game


Summertime is basically here.

If you haven’t seen Camp Nowhere, just do it haha 

Sure the solstice is a few weeks off, but most kids are out of school and ready to enjoy the sun. My brood and I have already gotten back into the swimming habit, found new places to hike, and explored a couple of historic sites.

Can you guess where this is?

For all the camping trips, cookouts, and running around ahead, there will also be rainy days and thunderstorms.

When the bordies strike, reading is a perfect way for kids to stimulate their minds and prepare for their next adventures without getting antsy or cooped up.


The June issue of Guardian Angel Kids Ezine is now out and ready for FREE and I highly recommend it for the down days. Plus, it includes an added bonus: my story, “A New Game.” haha

I’ve always had a lot of energy. I grew up loving sports and nature. This story is about a girl who loves to play basketball and how one run-in with her girly-girl sister leads her to see that even girly girls and sporty boys don’t have to be stereotypical.

So check it out:


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