This writing thing can’t be mapped out. I fell into it and keep feeling my way along. Other writers I know are struggling, and I feel that weight too. But I’ve always been one to let the wind blow me in the right direction.

It’s worked so far. Landed me my first book deal for my children’s book, My Family Is Different. It wasn’t the best deal ever, but I’ve grown from there. I currently have a publisher I trust, writer friends I can count on to support me, and today I woke up to find out I won a pro edit of the first 50 pages of my novel!

Sheer dumb luck, right? Sure, why not. Sometimes I chalk it up to that. Or my positive attitude, my determination, the fact that as many times as I want to quit, I don’t.

My friend and illustrator of our children’s book, Laura Winship-Fanaei, calls me the Little Engine That Could. I don’t think I’m special or any more talented than anybody else.

I have my bad days. I’ve had a few this week already. But there’s always something up ahead. Every writer, every person struggles. We all have shit to deal with. No matter how I’m feeling I refuse to let opportunities pass me by.

The elation of this latest one is keeping me going. The fears and concerns about going through my son of a bitch novel a few more times before I send it off for a pro critique is now looming over my head. Gonna have to press on and keep going. It’s all any of us can ever do.

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