To the finish!

Today is the last day of my giveaway for, The Golden Rule! 


If you haven’t entered yet, or don’t know much about the book, basically it’s a story of a young girl who learns the different Golden Rule teachings of every faith and philosophy she can find. It was inspired by my children’s love of learning about other cultures and comparing the many similarities that all belief systems (or lack-there-of in the case of Atheism) share.

care bears

The reviews have offered nothing but praise. (Something that every writer dreams of)

Today is a bit of a milestone for me. I’m now 34 years old. Growing older is the greatest adventure I’ve encountered (And if anyone calls me 34 years young I may have to slap them – there is nothing wrong with getting old, I’m quite excited about it myself). The longer I explore this world around me and wander through the odd life I’ve been gifted, the more magick and love I find everywhere.


Okay, maybe not in the Disney sense…but…

Writing is one of those few professions where age gives you an advantage. Authors are expected to spend years seasoning their craft with style and grace. My tendency to dive into things head first and laugh as I fall on my face has given me a lot of experience in seeking the unknown. Taking risks is what makes me feel alive.


There is no success without risk and heartbreak.


So whether you’re an author, a newby writer, or a reader, if you could give me anything for me birthday, I would like all of you to go out and do something different this weekend. (Not together of course, although a worldwide event in my name does pander to narcissistic fantasies haha) Find something new to take you off course, or give someone you’ve never met a chance to get to know you.

Go out and really LIVE!

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