She’s Here!

No matter how far you get in the publishing industry, there is always something new to experience. When I signed my first contract I thought that would be it. The End. You made it!


That was over 3 years ago, and incredibly laughable. This profession isn’t about fairy tales and happy endings (even though some aspects do fulfill those dreams), it is a spiral of creativity and decisions that continue to grow.


Every deal is different, each book signing holds a new experience. The indie market is a universe unto itself. The freedoms it offers has benefits and setbacks, but today I get to celebrate another milestone. My first audio book is now available!


Presenting your work in as many formats as possible is important. Readers want options and it’s best if you give them the ability to decide whether they want a copy of your stories in print, ebook, or audiobook format. More options make us better people. They give us the flexibility we need to fit everything into our complicated lives.

I would love to record my own audiobooks, but I don’t have a studio or any experience in voice acting, and I have a tendency to laugh at the most inappropriate times. I doubt readers would understand why some insane woman is laughing like Fran Drescher, over her own beliefs.


It’s a gift and a curse. haha I can handle large crowds listening, it’s the smaller ones that make me wonder what this one person I am reading to will think.


That’s why I’m lucky to be friends with George Sirois. As a writer himself, he understands the importance of delivery like no other. He recorded, The Golden Rule, and captured its spirit perfectly.


(Also you should all go check out his books, because they’re awesome!)

There are many firsts for a writer and even more for an author. Today is an audiobook; who knows where this thing will lead?

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