Cover Reveal!

It’s Here!

I’m so excited to share the cover of my upcoming erotic paranormal romance, Siren’s Snare, with everyone. Isn’t it stimulating? haha

I have to thank my Liquid Silver Publishing for employing talented artists who can create images like this. She doesn’t come out until February 29th, 2016. Yes, my first official novel is a leap day baby. I’m ecstatic.

Here’s a mini blurb to get you going:

Savaunt is a male siren who lures Lena into his snare. He desires her to produce a son and make a proper meal once she has fulfilled her purpose, but doesn’t expect to fall in love with her. Can he find a way for them to be together?

I love writing monster love stories

It’s not the height of prolific literature, but something fun and light to enjoy between the heavy stuff. Sometimes you just wanna gush over something different.

If you just can’t wait…


Check out my erotic paranormal romance novelette,  Tale of Two Bookends.



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